Zephir Capital Partners SGR

Indirizzo 6, Via del Lauro - 20121
Città Milan
Paese Italy
Telefono +39 / 02 36523986
Contatto Federico Pastura

Zephir Capital is an independent Credit Fund managed by a team with proved long standing experience in: credit markets, credit analysis and debt structuring and restructuring; management of mid and large enterprises; private equity. Zephir will invest in a wide range of financial instruments. The largest share of investments will be in senior debt; financial instruments featuring an equity content will be a smaller portion of the portfolio.

Other office: 41, Via Pisanello – Rome 00198 Italy

Telephone: +39 / 06 85304221

Policy di investimento

Investimento minimo 10.000.000 €
Investimento massimo 20.000.000 €
Preferenze geografiche Italia
Focus di investimento Private Debt
Preferenze di settore None


Numero di Executives 7
Numero di fondi 1
Totale capitale gestito n.a.
Numero di compagnie in portfolio