The Carlyle Group

Indirizzo 2, Piazza Cavour – 20121
Città Milan
Paese Italy
Telefono +39 / 02 6200461
Contatto Marco De Benedetti

In addition to CEP I, CEP II, CEP III and CEP IV (respectively 1, 1.8, 5.3 and 3.7 Bln Euro investment funds focused on buyout), in Europe Carlyle also manages small buyout funds (CEVP, CETP I, CETP II, CETP III and CCI), Real Estate funds (CEREP I, II and CEREP III) as well as leveraged finance funds. For introductions to those funds, please contact the switchboard.

Policy di investimento

Investimento minimo 200.000.000 €
Investimento massimo
Preferenze geografiche Europa
Focus di investimento Buy Out
Preferenze di settore


Numero di Executives
Numero di fondi 4
Totale capitale gestito 11.800.000.000 €
Numero di compagnie in portfolio