Moffu Labs

Indirizzo 16, Via Merano - 20127
Città Milan
Paese Italy
Contatto Alessandro Africani
Remarks Moffu Labs is an innovative "ideas generation & consulting for equity" company, founded in early 2015 by a group of founders with strong personal and professional trust ties, lovers of innovation and with specific relevant experiences in business development. Moffu Labs is not only a vehicle focused on the development of innovative ideas, but above all a board of senior advisors able to provide effective strategic guidance and a significant acceleration push through the network of members, which ranges from all the main seed and venture capital players to private equity and to most innovative entrepreneurs in the sector.

Policy di investimento

Investimento minimo 25.000 €
Investimento massimo 100.000 €
Preferenze geografiche
Focus di investimento Early Stage
Preferenze di settore Energy and environment, Financial and insurance activities, ICT, Other


Numero di Executives 30
Numero di fondi
Totale capitale gestito n.a.
Numero di compagnie in portfolio 15