Unigrains Développement

Indirizzo 2, Via Tommaso Grossi - 20121
Città Milano
Paese Italy
Telefono -
Contatto Franceso Orazi, Alfredo Cicognani, Stefano Masini
Remarks Since 1963, Unigrains has accompanied the development of agrifood and agro-industry companies providing tailor-made financial solutions in equity and quasi-equity, as well as contributing its recognized industry expertise. Unigrains operating as a minority shareholder at various stages of their development, notably capital restructurings, strategic investments and acquisitions, ensuring national and international growth. Unigrains is present in Italy through a Milan office, managed by three investment professionals. In Italy, Unigrains will position itself has the preferred specialized partner for entrepreneurs and shall focus on minority stakes: – in growth capital transactions, with a clear strategy of organic or external growth; – in majority buy-out transactions, in partnership with other institutional or private investors exercising joint control with the co-investors.

Policy di investimento

Investimento minimo 3.000.000 €
Investimento massimo 7.000.000 €
Preferenze geografiche Italia
Focus di investimento Expansion, Buy Out
Preferenze di settore Agriculture, Food and beverages


Numero di Executives 3
Numero di fondi 1
Totale capitale gestito 50.000.000 €
Numero di compagnie in portfolio 6