Indirizzo Via San Marco 21A
Città Milano
Paese Italia
Telefono 026200141
Contatto Dott.ssa Barbara D'Andrea International and IR Director
Remarks The assets of the Fund are prevalently invested in companies with value creation potential, mainly through organic growth, acquisitions and sector/value chain consolidation. To achieve the purpose of the Fund, the Management Company invests on the basis of the following main criteria: (i) diversification of investments, ranging mainly from 50 Mln Euro to 250 Mln Euro; (ii) minority or majority investments, providing for various degrees of influence over the portfolio companies through governance mechanisms; (iii) investments with limited recourse to financial leverage or, in any case, consistent with the development plans of the portfolio companies; (iv) holding periods consistent with the portfolio companies’ development plans; (v) divestment by way of initial public offering of the portfolio companies or through other means of liquidation of the investment.

Policy di investimento

Investimento minimo 5.000.000 €
Investimento massimo 250.000.000 €
Preferenze geografiche Italia
Focus di investimento Expansion
Preferenze di settore


Numero di Executives 10
Numero di fondi 1
Totale capitale gestito €
Numero di compagnie in portfolio 0