Azimut Libera Impresa SGR

Address 5, Via Fiori Oscuri - 20121
City Milan
Country Italy
Phone +39 / 02 88987400
Contact Pietro Muzio
Remarks Managed Funds: FINANZA E SVILUPPO IMPRESA (Direct; 70 Mln Euro; Expansion, Replacement Capital; Italian SMEs) ANTARES AZ I (Direct+Advisory by S. Romiti, G. Casati and A. Arrotta; 127 Mln Euro; Corporate bonds, Loans; Italian SMEs) IPO CLUB (Direct+Advisory by Electa Group and AGC; 150 Mln Euro; Pre-Booking companies, SPAC, Direct Minorities; Italian SMEs to be listed) FINANCE FOR FOOD ONE (Direct+Advisory by Finance for Food; 87 Mln Euro (target 150 Mln Euro); Buy Out, Expansion, Replacement ; Italian SMEs in the Agribusiness) AZIMUT CORPORATE CASH (Direct; 50 Mln Euro; Mini-bonds, Notes; Italian SMEs) AZIMUT DEMOS 1 (Direct; 163 Mln Euro (target 350 Mln Euro); Buy Out; Italian SMEs) GLOBALINVEST (Delegation to Hamilton Lane; target 300 Mln Euro; Fund of Funds (Credit, Buy Out, Expansion, Venture Capital); Europe, North America) ITALIA 500 (Delegation to P101; target 40 Mln Euro; Venture Capital; Italian startups).

Investment policy

Minimum investment
Maximum investment
Geographical preferences Italy
Investment focus Buy Out, Early Stage, Expansion, Private Debt, Replacement
Sectoral preferences None


Executives number 16
Funds number 8
Capital under management n.a.
Companies number 42