Fondo Italiano d’Investimento SGR

Address 21/A, Via San Marco – 20121 Italy
City Milan
Country Italy
Phone +39 / 02 635321
Contact Roberto Del Giudice
Remarks Fondo Italiano d’Investimento SGR is a management company owned by CDP Equity and some of the most important Italian financial Institutions. The company manages eight closed-end investment funds for professional investors, for a total target amount around 2.8 Bln Euro. “Innovazione e Sviluppo”, active in the private equity sector, invests in companies with a turnover from 70 to 100 Mln Euro. “FII Tech Growth” is active in the high tech private equity sector and invests in high technological companies with a turnover from 5 to 25 Mln Euro. The company also manages six funds of funds. Two of which are currently in fundraising: one dedicated to investments in private equity funds with a target dimension of 600 Mln Euro and another addressed towards investments in private debt funds with a target dimension of 500 Mln Euro.

Investment policy

Minimum investment
Maximum investment
Geographical preferences Italy
Investment focus Buy Out, Expansion
Sectoral preferences None


Executives number 23
Funds number 8
Capital under management €2.800.000.000
Companies number 6