Fondo Pensione Nazionale per il Personale delle Banche di Credito Cooperativo Casse Rurali ed Artigiane

Address 33, Via Massimo D'Azeglio - 00184
City Rome
Country Italy
Phone +39 / 06 69396497
Contact Sergio Carfizzi
Remarks Fondo Pensione Nazionale BCC/CRA is the complementary Pension Fund for Italian Cooperative and Agricultural Banks, founded in Rome in 1987. It’s a defined contribution pension scheme and it’s structured in 4 investment lines, with a different asset allocation based on the life-cycle model. The financial investment lines depend on their asset allocation and risk according to different time horizon (time to retirement) 10 years (Raccolta), 20 years (Crescita) and 30 years (Semina). Fondo Pensione Nazionale BCC/CRA invests through primary international Asset Managers with mandates diversified that invest in traditional asset class (Equity, Government, Inflation Linked e Corporate). In order to diversify its strategy Fondo Pensione Nazionale BCC/CRA invests, also, directly in innovative instruments of the traditional and private markets (Real estate, Infrastructure, Renewables, Private equity, Private debt, Insurance Linked Securities) with a diversified exposure on strategies, geographic areas, sectors and currencies. Fondo Pensione Nazionale BCC/CRA is also very careful to ESG approach because we think these are key factors into investment decision making.