Main activities carried out by the Association

Institutional activity

The association has an active role in the legislative and institutional process by cooperating with the authorities in office in order to create a favourable environment for the private equity, venture capital and private debt investment activity.

Research activity

The association periodically analyses the Italian private equity and private debt markets, collecting statistics on investment, divestment and fundraising activity and on the performance realised by the Italian private equity players. The association also studies in depth specific industry related issues and the relationship between demand and supply of private capital.

Information and publishing activity

AIFI participates and organises many meetings. Once a year the association attracts the most important Italian and foreign players in a symposium opened to AIFI members and all those interested in the industry. Furthermore, AIFI organises meetings with international investors, in order to promote discussions and to share views and ideas on the private equity, venture capital and private debt industries’ main issues and challenges. AIFI also organises business meetings on selected items and publishes research papers regarding specific topics.

Information activity for members

AIFI highlights for its members useful legal news and information throughout circular letters, a monthly newsletter that collects information on private equity, venture capital and private debt industry, and the flash tax & legal. In addition, in the AIFI website there is a special section reserved to members where they can find and post any relevant information.

Educational programmes

AIFI, through AIFI Ricerca e Formazione, organises specialised courses addressed to professionals and to people interested in working within the industry. Once a year the association coordinates a course that covers a wide range of subjects, including a general and institutional overview of the private equity, venture capital and private debt markets as well as case histories of the investment activity in Italy. An important role played by AIFI is the analysis and the updating of the sector through the organisation of technical meetings and refresher courses.

Networking activity

AIFI represents a point of reference for all Italian players and is strongly committed to building up a stable relationship with other national venture capital associations and key players in the international private equity market, in order to promote private equity and venture capital within the international financial community. Furthermore, the association facilitates contacts with policy-makers, investors, research institutions, universities, industrial associations and other relevant organisations.

AIFI Institutional Investors Club

The initiative brings together a group of representatives of investment institutions such as (inter alia) pension funds, insurance companies and family offices interested in strengthening contacts with AIFI members with the aim of relating on institutional topics and regulatory issue. The Institutional Investors Club is committed to enhance understanding and awareness of investment opportunities in private equity, venture capital and private debt that might suit their long-term investment needs.

Private Capital Today

Private Capital Today, promoted by AIFI and PwC, is a daily newsletter concerning private equity, venture capital and private debt industries. This communication channel aims to spread news about fundraising, investment and divestment activities, describing the most important news closely related to these industries, in the national and international context.


VentureUp is an institutional website, sponsored by AIFI and Fondo Italiano d’Investimento, with the aim to catalyse and bring together startuppers with venture capital world (venture capitalists, business angels, crowdfunding platforms) and the players supporting startups (universities, technology and science parks, accelerators, incubators). The website offers a service to entrepreneurs by providing guidance and information about the legal framework, the subjects involved within the venture capital chain and how to develop and present business ideas. Moreover, in the website there is a marketplace dedicated to those who wish to meet venture capital investors and to upload their projects.

Corporate Venture Capital project

AIFI has recently launched a new project dedicated to Corporate Venture Capital (CVC). To date, many important actors of the Italian economic landscape have already joined the association. In the CVC context, medium and large enterprises contribute to innovation both through the participation to business accelerators and via the management of genuine venture capital activities. All around the world, the interest of companies towards innovative startup phenomenon is progressively growing. In fact, real innovation grows easily within contexts not influenced by existing structures, which are, for their intrinsic nature, “change adverse”. With this initiative, AIFI wants CVC to gain space in Italy as a tool for companies to develop in innovative ways and, at the same time, to support new entrepreneurship.